Grouptabs is an app to track expenses in a group of people.

When you share things with friends, just let one person pay and note the details in the app. Next time someone else pays. The app helps you keep the balance by indicating if you‘re currently on red or green. Ideally you never have to settle the tab. But of course you can.

Not everybody wants to share everything. Grouptabs lets you enter any constellation of participants for an expense. You can even add people on the fly. And have multiple people pay arbitrary parts of it. It's easy and flexible.

Currently there‘s only a prototype with most of the features implemented. It is a client-side web app and should work offline. The user interface is for phone-size touch devices. For syncing with other devices it uses remoteStorage. You can collaborate on tabs by sharing a remoteStorage account.

The source code and issue tracker of the web app is on GitHub. There‘s also some concepts, ideas and documentation being worked on in a newly created GitHub organization.

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